Welcome to Steelypips.org

At present, steelypips.org hosts the following sites:

Elsewhere: The Home Page of Kate Nepveu
Regularly updated or new: Outside of a Dog, a book log, and "Beyond “Guilty” or “Not Guilty”: Giving Special Verdicts in Criminal Jury Trials".
Uncertain Principles
Chad Orzel's web log about physics, politics, and pop culture.
Chad Orzel's Home Page
Chad's other content: The Library of Babel, a book log; Book Reviews; a Japan page; professional information; and some links and pictures.
Various Pictures
Including our wedding and our dog.
Yet Another NetHack Site
Spoilers for the computer game NetHack.
Wheel of Time FAQ
A mirror version of the FAQ for Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series (most current version always hosted at Dragonmount).
rec.arts.sf.written FAQ
A mirror version of the FAQ for the Usenet group rec.arts.sf.written.

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