Kay, Guy Gavriel: Sarantine Mosaic (Sailing to Sarantium; Lord of Emperors)

I’m re-reading Guy Gavriel Kay’s Sarantine Mosaic diptych, because, well, I felt like it. Okay, I’d seen the paperbacks in the library and thought about getting them out, but decided to wait until I was at home, and they’ve also come up recently on Usenet. I’ve just finished the first, Sailing to Sarantium.

I already said quite a lot about the book in a review, so I won’t repeat myself here. Re-reading the first book when in a slightly scattered frame of mind, though, is a dangerous thing, because I find myself chasing down bits in the second book (Lord of Emperors) that come out of chance comments in the first, or are why I like this character that was just introduced so much, or, well, you get the picture. As a result, I’ve already read most of the sequel in unordered chunks during the past few days, without “officially” having started it. (Also, while I’m very fond of the first, it is paced considerably more slowly than the second, which is packed with amazing stuff.) As a consequence, I don’t know if I’m going to read it straight through now. I might; I really love these books. They’re both out in paper now; what are you waiting for?

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