Bujold, Lois McMaster: (201) The Curse of Chalion

Also, I’ve put up a review of The Curse of Chalion, Bujold’s most recent novel. I re-read this back in January, during finals, but I didn’t put it on the log then because I was writing a review. Of course, I didn’t quite finish it before I went on break and left the book behind, so it languished on my hard drive. It’s done now, though, and accordingly makes a belated appearance here.

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  1. Just noting that I recently re-read this. It was my third time; I picked up the book for a quick comfy skim of a chapter or two (it had been that kind of day), and ended up reading essentially the whole thing.
    I have to say, this one is holding up VERY well. The first time I read it, I thought it was very good. The second time, I thought it was an all-time classic. The third time hasn’t changed my mind. This book makes me laugh and cry (well, ok, snort and sniffle) more often than any but the very innermost circle of my favorite books.
    The amazing thing is that I generally loathe stories that involve prophecies and Fate-with-a-capital-F. It’s an exceptional feat for Bujold to have made me a willing believer, both in her Quintarian religion and the [spoiler removed] aspects of the plot.

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