Howe, Deborah and James: Bunnicula

Christmas day actually turned out to be a little quieter than I thought, so I needed another book to read at bedtime. I used to love Bunnicula, by Deborah and James Howe, and hadn’t read it for years, so when I saw it in Chad’s parents’ basement, I grabbed it. I was pleased to discover that this tale of a vampire bunny held up really well. The concept is just brilliant, and while this dog’s narration isn’t as low-key as that of A Night in the Lonesome October, it’s still pretty funny. Recommended for fairly youngish readers and up. (There are a couple of sequels, which I don’t recall at all, but Chad’s father tells me they didn’t suck.)


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  1. Good Lord.
    I didn’t hallucinate the existance of Bunnicula?

  2. Not his existence, anyway. I don’t know what you might have hallunicated about Bunnicula…

  3. Some things are better left unasked….

  4. The sequels I read were “The Celery Stalks at Midnight” and “Howliday Inn.” I remember loving “Howliday Inn” and laughing at some of the events in TCS@M. “Bunnicula” was the best, though. *wafts nostalgic*

  5. Thanks, Mahoney; next time I’m at the library I’ll take a look.

  6. I loved Bunnicula when I was little. I seem to recall that the sequels weren’t as good, though. (That recollection is, like, 20 years old, so it may be totally innacurate.)

  7. Wait.
    There were sequels to Bunnicula?

    (I liked it, too, and yeah, my recollections are about that old. Go figure. Of course, I’ve spent the odd hour for the last week or so re-reading Miracle Monday, subtitled, “Superman Beats up Satan” and enjoying it, so use that as a taste filter….)

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