Pierce, Tamora: (208) Shatterglass

I bought Tamora Pierce’s Shatterglass, the last book in the Circle Opens quartet, while at Boskone, but didn’t complete a proper read for a while after that. This is as good as the first two, and considerably better than Cold Fire. This series is structured around two aspects of magework: discovering and teaching one’s first student, and the use of magic in forensics. In this book, Tris’s student is a grown man whose skill as a glassblower has been strangely warped after he was struck by lightning. He learns that he has both glass and lightning magic, with a strange precongitive aspect: sometimes his glass globes show crime scenes, including those of a serial killer preying on his community.

I’m really tired and not thinking of much else to say about this book. If you liked the prior books in the series, you’ll like this one, and really, that’s about it.

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