Brust, Steven: (203) The Paths of the Dead (re-read)

(These two entries are out of chronological order; I wanted to get them out in a timely fashion, so I will fill in other books as I get around to logging them.)

I re-read The Paths of the Dead, by Steven Brust (prior booklog entry), in preparation for reading the next book in the series, The Lord of Castle Black (see below). On a re-read, I find that it is still an immensely fun and smooth ride, and I’m more curious than ever if it would be a good place to start reading the Khaavren books for someone who’s only read the Vlad series to date. Anyone have empirical evidence to report on the last question?

I noted several other things about this book, but likely they are only of interest to someone who’s read it. Thus, I’ve posted them to rec.arts.sf.written (Google link) and spared you my blather here. It should be out in paperback now or very soon; go out and buy it now so that you can read The Lord of Castle Black when it comes out in a couple of weeks.


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  1. I don’t think it would kill anybody to read the Viscount books before Phoenix Guards etc., but I think certain moments with the older characters might be less appreciated at the time — I’m thinking of Aerich’s scene at the end of Paths here.

    Very much looking forward to reading Castle Black. Morrolan has always been a favorite.

  2. Rebecca: this is true, and why I almost invariably think that reading in publication order is best. I’m just wondering if _Paths_ might be an easier book to “hook” a reader of the Vlad series, who then will go back and read the rest.

    Hope you like _Lord of Castle Black_.

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