Johansen, Iris: Face of Deception

I got bad guys fueling an incredibly out-there conspiracy thriller in Iris Johansen’s Face of Deception, an random paperback exchange selection by another ex-romance-genre author. This is the first in an apparent series about a forensic sculptor; in this one, she’s bullied into reconstructing a skull’s face by a rich alpha male, with unexpected results. The forensic stuff is interesting, and the plot certainly moves briskly, carrying me past the “oh come on” moments, of which there are many. This is actually fairly far from the genre romance conventions, as there’s an implicit love triangle that isn’t resolved in this volume. I was at the library just after I finished this and actually checked out the next; I got it home, picked it up, and only then came to my senses: I don’t actually like either of the two guys in the triangle. I skipped to the end, just to see if it turned out the way I guessed (it did), and then put it aside to be returned.

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