King, Stephen: Eyes of the Dragon, The

Non-cruise books read this week (split up for import into MT):

Another re-read was Stephen King’s The Eyes of the Dragon, which I was saving for to cleanse my palate, as it were, after the last Dark Tower novel [*]. This was the first King novel I ever read; Mom brought the hardcover home from the library and gave it to me. I remember that it had a very green cover, and she said that she thought I’d like it but it was a bit “PG-13” at the beginning. I must’ve been about 10, judging by the release date, and wasn’t tramautized at all by the minor references to sex. It’s a fairy tale, slightly earthy, with some nice character work and an engaging plot; it’s possibly my oldest enduring comfort book (I’m not sure I’d call The Lord of the Rings a comfort book, and the Anne series hasn’t held up well). It’s worth looking, at even if you don’t usually like King’s work.

[*] I need to re-read the whole thing before I can be coherent about it, so it won’t be showing up here any time soon. You can get an idea of my initial impression from a question on the ending—warning for series-destroying spoilers—over at my LiveJournal, and I may later have spoilerly notes to self on things to look for on the re-read.

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