Brockmann, Suzanne: (03) Over the Edge

Another of Suzanne Brockmann’s “Troubleshooters” novels, Over the Edge. Hey, one where I actually liked the main romance the most! A hijacked plane is landed in the fictional country of Kazbekistan, and the SEALS are called in, along with Reserve helicopter pilot Teri Howe. She’s a great pilot but less assertive when off-duty; through her friendship and then love with Senior Chief Stan Wolchonok, she grows into an all-around kickass person.

Brockmann is slightly too fond of the embarassing public declaration of feelings (or perhaps I just get embarassed easily on characters’ behalfs), but generally speaking I found this a lot more engaging than the primary relationships in prior books, or the secondary threads here. In those, Sam and Alyssa continue to be the great angst puppets of the series; though I’m guessing that Max Bhagat (FBI negotiator) and Gina Vitagliano (hostage) are going to give them a run for their money, since they are the primary thread in the new book coming out next month, several books after this one.

The WWII plot thread was the German occupation of Denmark, and I did a lot of skimming because I am easily distractable at lunchtimes these days and I do that a lot with parallel (in the mathematical sense) storylines.

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