Lindskold, Jane: Through Wolf’s Eyes

Through Wolf’s Eyes is the first book in Jane Lindskold’s Firekeeper Saga and the book I started while delayed in the airport on the last leg of our journey back from our March cruise. It is almost certainly not fair to any book to start reading under those circumstances, but it sucked me in regardless.

Well, okay, it half did. Through Wolf’s Eyes tells the story of Firekeeper, a fifteen-year-old girl raised by wolves, who might just be the only surviving direct-line descendant of a king. After Firekeeper is found and taught human ways again, she is brought to court, and the political manuvering begins. Partway through, the novel adds a political schemer’s point-of-view, and I admit I skimmed these sections very quickly—yeah, political scheming, moustache-twirling, yeah yeah, get me back to the girl who thinks like a wolf. Again, I was not reading it under good circumstances, and it seems entirely likely that the thread would be more interesting if I had more energy to go around. As for the rest, the wolves and other animals aren’t twee, the people that Firekeeper befriends are interestingly varied, and Firekeeper herself is quite engaging, enough so that the second book is fairly high on my to be read pile.

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  1. I’ve quite enjoyed the Firekeeper books, although occasionally the world feels a little too small.

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