Clancy, Tom: (09) Rainbow Six

This is a pretty shameful admission, but I did read Rainbow Six some time ago in paperback, after I’d thought I had given up on Tom Clancy’s books. (This is in the Jack Ryan continuity, but Jack doesn’t appear.) I don’t remember now why I picked it up, but I actually liked it, or at least parts of it. This is kind of two books: in one, a new international anti-terrorist team, Rainbow, responds to a number of hostage situations; in the other, frothing environmentalists plot to kill off all of humanity (except them). No, really.

I liked the hostage rescue stuff; it scratches the same itch as his good stuff. However, the frothing environmentalist sections are unspeakably bad, and I skipped right past them on this re-read. It’s still a sizable novel even with the awful parts excised, so it served fine as bedtime reading. It is highly unlikely that I’ll try any other Clancy books, though.


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  1. I have never read a Clancy book, but I find the Splinter Cell series of games vastly entertaining, and hear good things about the Rainbow Six games, too.

  2. I am wondering the mean of the quotation”outside of the dog”,especially the second sentence–“inside of the dog”.Does the quotaion just mean “a book is a man ‘s best friend “?I want to know your understand about this quotation. thanks to .

  3. Marina, it’s a joke that depends on fluency in English. When you read the first sentence, you think “outside” has the meaning “other than”: “other than a dog, a book is a man’s best friend,” meaning that a dog is a man’s best friend and then a book is his second best friend.
    The next sentence changes the meaning of “outside” to the spatial sense: “inside of a dog’s body, it’s too dark to read,” meaning that if you were somehow in a dog’s stomach, for example, there wouldn’t be any light from outside.
    It’s the unexpected switch from one meaning of “outside” to another that is the joke.
    I hope that helps.

  4. Oh…Thank you,dear kate.I have discussed this quotation with my friends sevral times,but I have not get the right meaning .Now ,i got it,so luckly. ^_^

  5. Marina, glad to be of help.

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