Pratchett, Terry: (07) Pyramids

I tried listening to Terry Pratchett’s Pyramids as an audiobook, but Nigel Planer’s narration just wasn’t working for me (all the characters sounded stupid). But since I’d started it, I picked it up in print just to remind myself how it ended.

This is a book with a bit of an identity crisis, or maybe a very extended prologue. It opens with Teppic taking his Assassins’ Guild examination and recalling his school days (very British), and then moves, somewhat abruptly, to Djelibeybi, a very old Egypt-like country with far, far too many pyramids. These aren’t very well integrated; more, the second part is the core of the plot, and it feels a bit slight to carry the entire book. However, the novel has its memorable moments, making it a minor but readable Discworld novel.

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