Christie, Agatha: Murder at the Vicarage (radio play, text)

Agatha Christie radio plays are well-suited for car trips to Massachusetts; I listened to Murder on the Orient Express on the way there, and to Murder at the Vicarage on the way back. This was the first Miss Marple novel: a shooting death next door provides her with an opportunity to test her puzzle-solving intuitions on a big mystery.

The tale is moderately complicated, and perhaps it was a mistake to leave it, the unfamiliar one of the two plays, for the return trip when I was more tired. At any rate, I had to check the text out of the library before I fully understood the chain of reasoning in one area. (Having done so, mind, I’m not particularly impressed with the construction of the mystery; but that’s easy enough to say in retrospect, because I certainly didn’t spot it at the time.) In the middle ranks of the adaptations so far, I’d say.

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