Duane, Diane: (103) High Wizardry (audio)

Note to those listening to Diane Duane’s High Wizardry as read by Christina Moore: the book is only about 6.5 hours long. The rest is an interview with the author.

I’ve read the book before, and I was still thrown by looking at the time left on my iPod and saying to myself, “No, there can’t be another hour of story left, they’re almost done. I know they are!” So if you have pacing expectations based on the amount of time left (how can you not?), keep that in mind.

(I stopped listening to the interview when the interviewer asked Duane if she’d made up magic circles and sacred trees, so I can’t say if it contains anything of note.)


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  1. Who was doing the interview, and had they been screened for a functional fore-brain at any point?

  2. Someone from the audiobooks company. To be fair, they might’ve been just giving her the most awkward and stupid-sounding leading questions in the world, but I just couldn’t cope.

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