Pratchett, Terry: (21) Jingo

I picked up my long-interrupted re-read of Terry Pratchett’s Discworld books, City Watch sub-series, with Jingo. As I suspected in reading Feet of Clay, Carrot’s POV is dropped completely in this book, though he’s still not perfect (“Mr. Spuddy,” anyone?). What particularly interested me were the little frictions between him and Vimes, or rather on Vimes’ part, regarding the running of the Watch; these are pretty thoroughly gone by Thud!, and I don’t recall whether they came to any explicit understanding or Carrot just grew up. I have The Fifth Elephant on audiobook—it’s the first of the Watch books that Stephen Briggs reads, and I far prefer his reading to Nigel Planer’s—and since I remember nothing about that book but werewolves and Russian sisters, I look forward to the listen.

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