O’Brian, Patrick: (09) Treason’s Harbor (spoilers)

SPOILERS for Treason’s Harbor; here’s the non-spoiler post if you got here by mistake.

Andrew Wray, my goodness me. Was the third bird the death of his father-in-law? If so—nasty. That’s no idealism. (This is, of course, the bit that I don’t foresee being resolved next book.)

Love the diving bell; I wonder if Stephen will commission another, or give up because it would make Jack’s head explode?

I’d say “poor Surprise,” except that I’m pretty sure that they go to the far side of the world in her. Poor Jack, at least.

And poor Pullings! I felt quite sorry for him as he was left behind.

Third and last, poor Ponto. At least we didn’t see his death as we did his rescue.

Land-based, but not domestic; Diana is going to be very angry indeed. Love the bit about Sophie not understanding for a week and then shooting the luckless man.

I saw the result of their mission to intercept the galley coming pretty much from the start, which made it less enjoyable, I think; on the other hand, it might have felt a cheat to leave Wray’s treason a secret until however far down the series. Tough call.

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