Pratchett, Terry: Bromeliad, The (Truckers, Diggers, Wings) (audio)

I listened to Terry Prachett’s Bromeliad (Truckers, Diggers, Wings) recently. As I said last time I read it, I really like these books. I’d forgotten, until listening, just how broad the problems faced by the nomes are, principally how to respond when the factual underpinnings of your religion are removed and how to establish a society. There’s a lot at stake here, as much or more as in any given Discworld novel. (Speaking of Discworld: those allergic to the humor in that series have sometimes liked Pratchett’s non-Discworld YAs, this series and the Johnny books (Only You Can Save Mankind, Johnny and the Dead, Johnny and the Bomb). Both are now in print in the U.S.)

The other thing of note to me about listening to the audiobooks: Bromeliad has four syllables, not three as I’d guessed. I suppose next time I should really learn to look these things up . . .

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