Langford, David: The End of Harry Potter?

David Langford’s The End of Harry Potter? was a freebie from Patrick Nielsen Hayden at Tor, the book’s U.S. publishers. After I finished my re-read, I gave it a skim to see what Langford spotted that I missed.

This would actually be a good way to brush up on the series if you couldn’t or didn’t want to re-read. Langford neatly and concisely pulls out themes, techniques, references, and patterns, giving the reader an idea of what might be—or ought to be—significant in the last book. And though much of the content was familiar, there were still a few things that I hadn’t picked up on (for instance, Langford cites a passing comment from Dumbledore in Chapter 37 of OotP, and suddenly I am much less concerned about Rowling being able to count). If you’re looking for a quick, well-grounded refresher, give this a try.


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  1. So what was the offhand comment? I flipped back through the chapter, but I didn’t see anything.

  2. Spoilers:
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  3. Cassandra Cookson

    I’d like to view your spoiler, but I can’t find a way to decode it on Safari. Is there a special command to view it?

  4. Cassandra–sorry, it’s ROT13, which I should’ve said; the sidebar has various methods of decoding.

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