Brockmann, Suzanne: (08-09) Hot Target; Breaking Point

More catching up with Suzanne Brockmann’s Troubleshooters series. I don’t have much to add to my initial comments about Hot Target, except that I was more interested in the principal relationship thread this time around. It’s still not as engaging as Jules’ secondary thread, but I didn’t want to skip over it.

Oh, and it does contain most of the characters introduced in Flashpoint, but in a low-key enough way that I’d completely forgotten them in the interim.

The next book in the series, Breaking Point, is new to me. It’s similar to Gone Too Far in that it’s the culmination of a long-running relationship arc that I ended up enjoying more than I expected. Yes, Max and Gina are angst puppets, but I like Max a lot more than Sam. And while his issues are the obstacle to their relationship, they are revealed to be more complex than his inability to get past her rape.

The external plot seems rather elaborate and did not really come in focus for me, but possibly this is because it’s mostly about another set of characters, Molly and Grady, who I’m indifferent to. However, it serves the purpose of pushing forward the relationships—including the friendship of Jules and Max, which I particularly enjoyed seeing.

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