Duane, Diane: (108) Wizards at War (audio)

I really enjoy Christina Moore’s narration of Diane Duane’s Young Wizardry series, but didn’t want to listen to the next ones in the series, The Wizard’s Dilemma and A Wizard Alone, for personal reasons. And I didn’t much like the next, Wizard’s Holiday. So I decided to just skip to the eighth and presently-last book in the series, Wizards at War.

Moore does her usual astonishing job of narration, moving effortlessly between distinct and extremely appropriate voices for all manner of species. And I’d remembered almost nothing about this book, so it was also a suspenseful listen. Anyway, after listening and then looking back at what I said on my first read of the book, I stand by those comments, with the additional grump that the ending strikes me as coming at too low a price.

On the other hand, this listen also prompted me to look up what else Moore has narrated (answer: unfortunately not much I want to listen to except maybe Kelly Link’s Pretty Monsters; apparently she is also on the new 90210) and what the status of Duane’s writing is (answer: no idea, none of her web pages seem to have been updated for half a year or more), so that was also a plus.


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  1. Duane has been updating her cooking blog, FWIW; March saw daily posts, more or less in honor of St. Patrick’s Day. (No link because the last time I checked, the blog didn’t have legal names on it. I follow it via RSS.) I’ve no idea about the writing, either.

  2. Well, at least she’s alive. Though considering that as I understand it, people paid up-front for a completed _The Big Meow_, I do think it not well done of her to have last updated that site in August.

  3. True! I had forgotten about Big Meow, though I’m on its notification e-mail list. hmm.

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