Pratchett, Terry: (08) Guards! Guards! (re-read)

I am skipping to the next Discworld re-read book, Guards! Guards!, because I have only a few minutes before the Pip wakes up and I have only two things to add to my older post and Becca’s observations:

One, from now on, I will probably never stop wanting to immediately re-read Night Watch after this book to try and reconcile them, but I will most likely never actually do it because my brain isn’t good at that kind of extrapolation.

Two, literally one paragraph after the one containing this footnote,

The pronoun [him] is used by dwarfs to indicate both sexes. All dwarfs have beards and wear up to twelve layers of clothing. Gender is more or less optional.

Carrot refers to the dwarf with whom he had an understanding as “she” and does so consistently throughout the book. Whee, heteronormativity. (Something the series has recently gotten better about, though.)

(See also Modern Love by Penknife.)

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