Pratchett, Terry: (12) Witches Abroad

Catching up on the Discworld re-read, starting with Witches Abroad as a solo entry because it doesn’t have its own yet.

This is the one where the Lancre witches go traveling through the Discworld and through fairy tales. The Witches subseries is now firmly established and, though Granny and Nanny are indeed pretty awful travelers, I like this one a lot. Oddly, it is the first time I really had that “fuck, yeah!” fantasy of political agency reaction to the ending of one of the Discworld books, which I would have thought would have happened sooner.

Finally, I did not see anything egregiously awful in the handling of the black faux-New Orleans characters, but I cannot guarantee that problems did not escape my attention due to overfamiliarity with this text and underfamiliarity with the applicable stereotypes.

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