Pratchett, Terry: (34) Thud! (re-read)

Since those were quick, one more from the Discworld re-read backlog, Thud!.

Unfortunately I think this is the beginning of the end for the Watch books. I am definitely over Vimes and his primal anger/inner policeman issues, and also I can’t believe I didn’t realize the first time through the awful abuse of power represented by his heartwarming “home at 6:00 to read to Young Sam at any cost” (Carrot is the one to stop traffic, but Vimes doesn’t tell Carrot to desist or not to do it again). And while there are some welcome things here about social issues (Detritus gets some good moments that really show how he has changed), there are also some things that feel either very tired and repetitive (non-assimilating dwarves are still a problem, again? With veils, even?) or just awful (you can tell female dwarves, no matter how they choose to present gender, because they’re the ones who coo over babies? Excuse me?).

The end scene is a still powerful image but it’s not sufficient, either for the in-story effects or for my overall enjoyment of the book.

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