Jordan, Robert, and Brandon Sanderson: (14) A Memory of Light (spoilers)

This post contains book-destroying SPOILERS for A Memory of Light by Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson. The non-spoiler post is here.

Always going to be unsatisfying: the Seanchan. Artur Hawkwing better have bent Tuon’s ear about slavery being wrong; yes, I know he didn’t like the Aes Sedai but surely being a Hero of the Horn gives one perspective.

Should’ve been concluded far earlier: Fain.

Deaths: I didn’t like that the deaths only occurred in romantic pairs. Galad and Lan really should have died too, for instance.

Logistics: no Two Rivers reunion, is the big one.

Very ending: act better, girls! And if someone didn’t fucking tell Tam immediately after the funeral . . . Also, I think the emotional weight of it tipped too far into “uncomplicatedly happy” on Rand’s part, which, I understand that he’d feel relieved, but considering that he’s letting his father think he’s dead, and also generally fresh out of years of intense stress, well, I’d expect a more complex emotional reaction.

Sniffling: EGWENE!!! And the wolves coming to the Hunt, unexpectedly.

That’s about all I remember now. Except that I still don’t understand the point of that novel-length chapter, especially since the books hadn’t been one-POV-per-chapter in a long long time.


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  1. I think the point of the novel-length chapter was to add a sense of immediacy and psychological pressure to the events therein. I’m not sure that it accomplished that as a goal, but I could see that being the reason the attempt was made.

  2. That’s the only reason I can think of, but the execution really doesn’t match that goal.

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