Elsewhere: The Home Page of Kate Nepveu

Welcome to my home page, named Elsewhere in tribute to a bookstore in the fictional city of Bordertown. Unsurprisingly, this area is dedicated to books, particularly (but not exclusively) science fiction and fantasy.

June 2011: note that the only area of this site that is even intended to be updated regularly any more is the book log (which hasn't been for months, but I plan to get back to it, honest!). For more regular updates, see my journal on Dreamwidth.


Outside of a Dog: A Book Log
What I've been reading, and what I thought of it.

The Paired Reading Page
Novels that make interesting reading together (as submitted by readers).

My reviews of novels that make interesting reading by themselves.

Essays, currently. Now includes The Only Thing You Need to Know About PublishAmerica and "Beyond “Guilty” or “Not Guilty”: Giving Special Verdicts in Criminal Jury Trials".

(The obligatory links page is gone because I was only maintaining it out of, well, a sense of obligation—but feel free to check out the information about this site.)

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