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Uncertain Principles

Physics, Politics, Pop Culture

Physics Posts

Here are links to the posts I've made explaining various bits of physics. This is fairly complete, but as the list is hand-generated, I wouldn't stake anything important on it remaining that way. Links are posted in chronological order, with newer stuff at the bottom. Yes, that's un-blog-like. Sue me.

ΔxΔp ≥ h / 4 π

My stuff
What's with the name?
Who is this clown?
Does he know what he's talking about?
Archived Posts
RSS, version 0.91
The Library of Babel

Δ E Δ t ≥ h / 4 π

Other People's Stuff

Arts and Letters Daily
Ted Barlow
Beauty of Gray
Aaron Bergman
Boing Boing
William Burton
Cubicle Dweller
Brad DeLong
Diary de la Vex
Grim Amusements
Izzle Pfaff
Late Night Thoughts
James Lileks
Making Light
Mind Over What Matters
Charles Murtaugh
Off the Kuff
Off the Pine
Perverse Access Memory
The Poor Man
Quark Soup
Sand in the Gears
SciTech Daily
Sensei and Sensibility
Shadow of the Hegemon
Stand Down
Talking Points Memo
Through the Looking Glass
Unmistakable Marks
Unqualified Offerings
What's New
Writer of Fortune II
Matthew Yglesias

Book Stuff

Book Slut
Neil Gaiman
Pam Korda
Outside of a Dog
Reading Notes
The Tufted Shoot
Virtual Marginalia
Weasel Words
Woodge's Book Report

Δ N Δ Φ ≥ 1 / 2


75 or Less Album Reviews
Rotten Tomatoes
The Onion A.V. Club

Geek Stuff

Annals of Improbable Research
Astronomy Picture of the Day
BEC Homepage
Britney Spears's Guide to Semiconductor Physics
The Comic Book Periodic Table
The Onion
Physics 2000
Sluggy Freelance
Web Elements
Physics Central (APS)
Research Blogs
Science News (David Harris)
Science News (Timothy Paustian)
This Week's Finds in Mathematical Physics

Useful Stuff

Web Design Group

While it is my fervent hope that my employers agree with me about the laws of physics, all opinions expressed here are mine, and mine alone. Don't hold my politics against them.

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