Doyle, Debra, and James D. Macdonald: (07) A Working of Stars

During finals, I also read Debra Doyle and James Macdonald’s A Working of Stars, the sequel to The Stars Asunder. This was good, but not the best in the series. Past books have featured assorted revelations-and-inversions, often related to messing with causality; these have explained oddities or added something to the reader’s knowledge of the universe. However, this book’s time-travel doesn’t seem to serve any particular purpose, which makes it sort of odd. There are some good bits here all the same, but it doesn’t hang together as well as prior episodes. I’m also more curious than ever what the next, currently-untitled Mageworlds book would be about; this book wraps up one plot thread, but doesn’t conclude another, and we’re still some five-hundred-odd years from the other books, with no clue how much of that time is going to be covered. Hmmm.

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