Conan Doyle, Arthur: (05) The Hound of the Baskervilles

I finished a complete draft of the 60 page Memorandum of Law that’s due Monday in my case from hell, and also went over the proofs for my Note (coincidentally, the prior thing I wrote that was 60 pages long, only I had a semester to do it, not a month). So, since I was so productive today, I am going to book log.

On the way back from Vegas, I read The Hound of the Baskervilles. I can hear you saying it now—”weren’t you just complaining about not having time to read the new books you really wanted to? Why didn’t you read one of those on the plane?” Well, yes, I did have time in the hours when my laptop battery ran out, but I wasn’t really in any state to concentrate fully on fiction, and didn’t think I could do justice to the long-awaited books. So, Sherlock Holmes: far less demanding while still being entertaining.

This was the best of the lot so far, I think. Doyle cheats much less in this story than in some of the others, and it’s fun watching Watson sleuthing off on the moors. Mostly he does quite a creditable job, though I was amused to spot the Number One Suspect based on one of the assumptions he makes—character development indeed. It’s still not an entirely fair mystery, since a good number of the necessary facts are gathered off-screen, but it does seem to make sense all the way through, at least. Definitely worth reading, though part of the fun of it is seeing how Watson’s grown since the early stories, so I’m not sure I’d recommend it as a starting point.

And now, having book logged, I am going to bed.


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  1. Hopefully you and Chad escaped the Horrible Flu that seems to have knocked out at least four Vegas-goers (myself thankfully not included)?

  2. Yeah, we escaped. Though I’m currently developing a lovely case of queasies over my hopefully-first-ever-oral-argument tomorrow morning…

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