Balogh, Mary: Summer to Remember, A

Library romance roundup:

First, pre-cruise, we have Mary Balogh’s A Summer to Remember, via a review from Asperity on LJ. This is a Regency novel (unlike the rest in this roundup, which are contemporary). Yeah, it’s got some very well-worn elements, a bet and a pretend engagement and a rake and an innocent, but it’s charming and humane all the same, with consequences, family relationships, and eventually a mutual rescue. It does have a bit of the sequel nature, in that it assumes a little too much that the reader will know everyone’s name and relationships, but it was otherwise a smooth read.

(I read a bunch of Balogh’s other books in a gulp and got sick of the plots, so I put them aside and will try them again later in a more measured fashion.)

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