Macdonald, James D.: (04) The Apocalypse Door (re-read)

A couple of weeks ago, I needed to fully unwind, sink all the way down into a book and completely lose myself in it. I’d recently had the pleasure of recommending James D. Macdonald’s The Apocalypse Door to someone looking for chaste Catholic priests in action novels, so it was on my mind and just what I was looking for.

I’d talked in my original booklog post about Crossman and Sister Mary Magdalene, but I’d not really mentioned much about the new Knight, Simon B. LaRouche, who is also fun to read about and had a larger part in the book than I’d remembered. And since then, I’ve learned a thematic thing about the backstory thread that I didn’t know enough to spot then; I don’t think it’s too much of a spoiler, but I’m going to ROT13 it just to be safe: fgngvbaf bs gur pebff.

Finally, I was surprised to find that some people had different opinions on the substance of the plot; in my opinion, the last three pages make it crystal-clear, but perhaps they tend to get overlooked in the adrenaline rush.

Anyway, still a great book and just what I needed when I was stressed out.

[Originally posted at my LiveJournal while this booklog was down; there are comments there.]

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