Iwanaga, Ryoutarou: Pumpkin Scissors vol. 1

I picked up volume one of the manga Pumpkin Scissors, by Ryoutarou Iwanaga, on Pam’s recommendation. Pumpkin Scissors is the nickname of a military unit devoted to post-war relief and reconstruction (apparently we are to get an explanation of the name later).

Pam described it as “like what Fullmetal Alchemist would be, if the primary focus of the story was on Mustang’s unit,” and I think that’s pretty fair. As she says, the art style and tone are similar. So far, I found the stories within this volume to be a touch simplistic (especially compared to FMA), but I suspect that may be usual for establishing volumes.

I’m not sure if I’ll read more, but that’s only because we might try the anime, and I prefer to pick one medium and stick to it.

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