Chase, Loretta: Silk is for Seduction

Random backlog catchup, while waiting for sleeping baby to wake:

I’ve not been thrilled with Loretta Chase’s recent books. I couldn’t get more than a few chapters into Your Scandalous Ways, the espionage one, because it just wasn’t any fun. Don’t Tempt Me: I’ve already filled my quota of female-virgin-leaves-harem stories with The Ringed Castle, thanks. And I stalled out on Last Night’s Scandal, the Peregine/Olivia story, I think because I couldn’t make sense of why they weren’t talking to each other, though I’d frankly forgotten about it until now and probably will go back.

So when Silk is for Seduction came out, I got it from the library (in e-book form, because the future is awesome) rather than buying it. And it turned out to be actually fun, the way that I look for in Chase’s books. Better, it’s about someone in trade: the female protagonist is a dressmaker and her profession actually matters. This is doubly refreshing in the Regency(-ish) romance genre.

The non-romance plot is pretty thin, but that’s not what you read Chase for anyway. A pleasant surprise; I’ll probably buy the next one (it’s the start of a series).


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  1. Tell me she doesn’t marry a titled nobleman who comes into her shop to get something for another girl?

  2. Well, I can tell you that he comes into her shop because she chased him down in Paris to convince him to come to her shop instead of a more established one, and (spoiler!) she gets to keep running it after they get married?
    But I’m curious why you asked.

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