Pratchett, Terry: (32-33) A Hat Full of Sky, Going Postal (re-read)

Picking up the logging of the Discworld re-read after a long delay, with two quick reports.

A Hat Full of Sky: I liked this more than I remembered or expected, which was a lovely surprise; this is getting close to the end, and I was worried about the downward slide. The external threat here is so tense, and all the pre-adolescent stuff feels real and uncomfortable the way Tiffany’s relationship with Granny Aching did in the first book. There was more Granny Weatherwax than I remembered, too, and I love their interactions. And I will always laugh at Rob Anyway holding up a scrap of paper with “PLN” written on it and declaring that now they have a plan.

Just one spoiler comment, which hardly seems worth going behind the jump, so ROT-13 (see sidebar): gur uvire pbagvahrf Gvssnal’f geraq bs haqrefgnaqvat bccbaragf orsber qrnyvat jvgu gurz.

Going Postal: Still love it.

Okay, okay, that’s not all there is to say: one of these days I will read The Victorian Internet: The Remarkable Story of the Telegraph and the Nineteenth Century’s On-line Pioneers and doubtless want to re-read Going Postal yet again; and the ending is an interesting data point regarding Discworld’s attitudes towards elites and power. Aaand . . . that’s it.

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